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NHS All-In-1 System

Keep It, Super Simple. If you believe in the K.I.S.S theory you are going to love us. We offer our partners an All-In-One Property Management System (PMS) that is so easy to set up we offer to do it for you at no extra charge.

Developing solutions that have been simplified, cost-effective, increase revenue and give you an edge over your competitors is a constant and never-ending process and our passion.

Our system has been created by people who literally grew up in the hotel industry, and we understand the challenges faced by our hosts especially in today's environment.

Following is a brief overview of our systems features, our service and of course, our pricing. If you have any questions please refer to the green intercom icon (bottom right) for assistance. Any feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

NHS All-On-1 Dashboard

Multiple logins with different viewing and editing restrictions allow you to manage everything in one place and provide your team with the information needed to do their jobs efficiently while protecting your information and privacy at the same time.

Our User-Friendly Reservation System is fed information via our live feed dashboard in real time. Providing the right people with the right information could not be any easier, you can even automate reminders. For more information on our All-In-1 Dashboard and features, continue reading.

NHS Website Options

The choice is yours, we can integrate your current website or we can either build or teach you to build a brand profession site in no time. Creating a new website with our website builder is easy and fun that's why we offer to do it for you at no extra charge. 

Having the ability to update your website's content whenever you like is an invaluable tool for saving time, money and keeping your site fresh and up to date. A definite edge over your competitors. 

A lot of care, effort and design planning have gone into each one of our templates and they are all optimised for SEO and mobile viewing. A smooth interface directs the guest seamlessly from the front page to completing a reservation.

Speed and security have also been addressed and all our websites are hosted on our Amazon Servers and protected with HTTPS security as a standard.

So if your current website is getting a bit old and isn't generating many direct bookings you may want to consider upgrading to one of our fully customisable templates where you have the control. 

NHS Direct Booking Engine

Our commission free booking engine ticks all the boxes, mobile friendly, powerful, fully customisable and supports both credit card storage and payment gateways where you can take payment securely via 3D secure.

Other notable features include Trivago Rate Connect a fantastic integration that continues to generate more direct bookings and substantially reduce our partners OTA commissions, Facebook integration, 30+booking modules and more.

NHS Channel Manager

We work with many channel managers including Alloz, Siteminder, Verticle Booking and Wubook. So finding the right channel manager for you will not be a problem.

Once you have chosen your prefered channel manager with all your favourite channels, we will take care of all the setup for you and work with you to connect and map all your rooms.

NHS Integration

Our system is equipped with a host of integrations such as Trivago Rate Connect, Stripe, Braintree, Lightspeed and Zapier just to name a few.

Providing our partners with quality integrations to help streamline any process or workflow is what we are all about. and we are always keen for any developers, entrepreneurs, startups or companies to connect with us. 

NHS Automation

We automate any task, just ask! We have designed and built our partners a powerful yet easy to use Custom Made Reaction Feature that makes creating any automation a breeze.

Equipped with powerful filters, Zapier integration and access to over 1000+ applications. So it's not a question of what you can automate, rather what can't you automate. Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive tasks forever.

NHS Setup & Pricing

We have prices to suit everyone including special deals for hostels and properties with over 30-rooms can be negotiated.

The following quote includes channel manager connection to Vertical Booking. Prices may vary if you choose an alternate connection. Please select Rooms & Plans for your quote.

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All our prices include 100% full setup or training on all our features including building you a new website and creating any custom automation to help streamline your business. 

We genuinely believe that your success is our reward and that our All-In-One System backed up with our Personable Service can be the catalyst to any successful and longlasting partnership. 

NHS ~ Keeping It Super Simple.

NHS All-In-1 System

All-On-1 Dashboard
  • Owners Login

  • Managers Login

  • Reception Login

  • Housekeeping Login

  • Intercom Support

  • Multiple Languages

  • Live Feed Dasboard

  • Reservation System

  • Inventory Control

  • Offers

  • Website Settings

  • Accounting & Reports

  • Customer Database

  • Administration

  • Booking Engine

  • Channel Manager

  • Integration Settings

  • Automation Settings

  • Property Profile

  • 30+ PMS Modules

  • And More

Website (Optional)
  • Mobile Friendly

  • Fast & Secure

  • HTTPS Security

  • Amazon Servers

  • Domain Aliases

  • Responsive Design

  • Seo Optimized

  • Google Analytics

  • Translations

  • Fully Customizable

  • HTML Access

  • Premium Templates

  • 1500 Color Themes

  • Multi-Property Website

  • Direct Booking Engine

  • Tripadvisor

  • Social Media

  • Testimonials

  • Blog Posts/Comments

  • 30+ Website Modules

  • And More

Direct Booking Engine
  • Mobile Friendly

  • Powerful & Fast

  • Real-Time Updates

  • Clean & Professional

  • Trivago Rate Connect

  • Facebook Integration

  • Accept Credit Card

  • Payment Gateways

  • Brain Tree (PayPal)

  • Omise

  • Payment Express

  • Stripe

  • Worldpay

  • Fully Customizable

  • Custom Questions

  • Multiple rates

  • Seasons & Events

  • Promotions

  • Promo Codes

  • 30+ Booking Modules

  • And More

Channel Manager
  • All Major Channels

  • Multiple Managers

  • Allotz

  • Siteminder

  • Vertical Booking

  • Wubook

  • Rate Overrides

  • One Bill (all inclusive)

  • Manage Inventory

  • Credit Cards

  • Full Easy Setup

  • Recommendations

  • GDS Connections

  • Inventory Controls

  • Inventory Restrictions

  • Advanced Rates

  • Advanced Restrictions

  • Multiple Connection

  • Easily Switch Supplier

  • Derived Rates

  • And More

  • Open API

  • Developers Keys

  • Direct Booking Engine

  • Trivago Rate Connect

  • Zapier 1000+ Apps

  • EPOS Connections

  • Lightspeed

  • Payment Gateways

  • Brain Tree (PayPal)

  • Omise

  • Payment Express

  • Stripe

  • Worldpay

  • Social Media

  • Facebook

  • Developers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Start-Ups

  • Companies

  • All Welcome

  • And More

  • We Automate Tasks

  • Powerful Filters

  • Reaction Feature

  • 1000+ Apps

  • Emails & SMS

  • Gmail & Drive

  • Google Calendar

  • Youtube & Dropbox

  • All Social Media

  • Payments & Requests

  • Rates & Offers

  • Financial Reports

  • Occupancy Reports

  • Housekeeping Reports

  • Any Reports?

  • Spreadsheets

  • Reminders

  • OTA's

  • Workflow

  • Anything - Just Ask

  • And More


System / What software do I need to install?

Our platform is cloud-based, which means all you need to run it is a browser and a connection to the internet.

System / What tools are included in the system?

Pretty much everything you need and expect. Bookings can be made in an intuitive click and drag method for phone and walk-in reservations. 

Developer / Can we customize the booking engine?

Yup! All customizable, just like the templates. Your Template can be extended to use your own booking engine design and use our open API for getting inventory and room information.

Developer / Can we customize the web site templates?

Yes you can! We offer an open API so you can customize everything to your heart’s desire. Our solution is based on the Liquid Templating Engine which makes changing or making templates really simple.

Developer / Can we connect our app to your platform?

We are keen for any developer, entrepreneur, startup or company to connect with us, just give us an email. Please also visit our Forum.

Developer / What else can we customize?

We designed this to be customisable. You can insert your own confirmation email template, invoice template and other pieces as necessary.

Payment / What types of payments can you process?

We connect to a few different gateways which accept all major payment cards including AMEX.

Payment / How do you keep the information secure?

We use the banking industry standard SSL encryption so that all of your client's and your information is protected.

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